To determine whether our 'It's YOUR Choice!' anti crime, early intervention workshops or our 'Warts And All .....!' STI awareness and relationships workshops are suitable for your school, please refer to the Check List below : 
'It's YOUR Choice!' - workshop content is suitable for Year 6 primary school students and all secondary school year groups.  We do suggest that your school may wish to seek parental permission to attend before our workshop takes place.

WORKSHOPS MUST TAKE PLACE IN A SEATED VENUE. We will NOT deliver workshops to students where they have to sit on the floor, regardless of age.  We focus on self worth and self esteem and it is difficult to convey this message effectively to students whilst they are sitting on the floor. Please take this point into consideration when making your booking since we do not wish to disappoint your students and young people by leaving shortly after our arrival.  We are happy to help with the laying out of seating when we arrive.  

If you have any hearing-impaired students, please let us know via the Venue Questionnaire in order that we can accommodate their needs on the day of your workshop. Our presenter is pleased to wear a loop device or any other hearing improvement equipment which your school may have and, bearing in mind that the workshop is a Powerpoint presentation, will ensure that signers and students are placed in a well lit area. 
Workshops start at 11:00am at the earliest to avoid our having to travel in rush hour traffic. We shall arrive at your school around ONE HOUR in advance of the workshop's start time so it is essential that the venue is clear at least 45 minutes in advance of the start in order that we can set up our equipment and run checks.  If you have agreed to provide us with parking facilities within your school, please ensure that Reception is made aware of the arrangement in order that we can gain access at the school gate.

Workshop running times  : 
  • 90 minutes for our 'Transition' module in primary schools
  • single or double periods for all secondary school modules
  • Where possible, we strongly suggest that a double period is made available for the anti crime secondary school workshop to avoid rushing both the students and the content. This also enables adequate time for our various interactive scenarios to be included with your students and for Questions and Answers following the presentation itself.

    Ideal workshop times are
    the last period[s] before lunch and/or the last period[s] of the day in order that pupils have time to reflect on and discuss what they have both seen and heard.

    We strongly suggest that a Citizenship period follows soon after our workshops, again in order that your students can discuss and reflect upon what they have seen and heard amongst each other and to share the impact which our workshop may or may not have made upon them.  This is also an ideal time for completing our Feedback Forms and an appropriate letter from the school itself on your thoughts around the workshop.

    Where fees are payable for the workshop[s], your school will only be invoiced
    after the workshop and only on the basis that your students and your staff were satisfied with the content, impact and delivery of the session. With our 'No Risk' fee charging policy, if you are not completely satisfied with our workshop for any reason, we shall not invoice you and you will receive no further contact from us, now or in the future.  

    Workshop content is suitable for all secondary school year groups ONLY.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS MODULE IS NOT AVAILABLE IN PRIMARY SCHOOLS. 

    To maximise the impact of our workshop, there are some relatively graphic OPTIONAL STI slides towards the end of the 'Warts And All ....' presentation. These slides will only be shown once they have been viewed
    IN ADVANCE by at least two senior members of your staff.  You can opt to have all, some or none of the slides or the edited versions - whichever YOU choose.  In this respect, we strongly advise you to apply the adage - if in doubt, DON'T!  YOUR decision will be accepted by us without question.