Outside Chance actively encourages observers to join us in our sessions in young offender units and schools for two reasons. Firstly, they actually see what we do and the impact we have on our target group. Secondly, they have the opportunity to chat to the attendees which is vitally important since their feedback is essential when developing future sessions. Young offenders, in particular, are quick to criticise any programme which is, in their view, a waste of time. They may have time on their hands, they may have given up gym, showers or some other activity in order to join a workshop so they want value for money when it comes to engagement and effectiveness. By inviting observers to see what we actually aim to achieve, they can report, first hand, on the sessional content and impact on the group in question.

We have listed below a selection of comments from the many letters we have received from a range of observers :

From 'Inside Time', the prisons' newspaper - 'Truly fascinating information.  A very simple message but delivered extremely effectively.  If any youngster has the opportunity of attending this course, take it!'.
From a Prison Governor - 'I have rarely been given such detailed enthusiastic feedback from an often difficult to impress group of managers and young prisoners.  It was the topic of excited recollection to me by staff and managers who attended'.

From the Metropolitan Police's Operation Trident - 'Outside Chance is seen by Operation Trident as a very effective process in preventing and combatting the negative influences which are often impacting on young people'.

From a Pupil Referral Unit manager - 'Your presentation should be seen by every school in London.  It is extraordinary!'.

From a Deputy Head - 'One of the most enjoyable, effective and powerful assemblies I have seen in 18 years of teaching'.

From a Headteacher - 'Your workshop could not have been more timely following the deaths of two young boys from our local area.  The impact on our students, both during and after your session, was immeasurable.  We look forward to seeing you again next year'.    

From a Head of Citizenship - 'It is refreshing to see a dynamic, honest and head on approach to the issues you covered.  It was a fantastic afternoon and the best guest speakers we have ever had by far.  The students are still talking about it now'.