Q1  A condom will protect me from ALL sexually transmitted diseases.  TRUE or FALSE?   FALSE - Condoms will NOT protect you from herpes, pubic lice, sacbies, or genital warts, all of which can be spread by skin to skin contact outside of the area normally covered by a condom.  In the case of a split condom, you are then open to ALL sexually transmitted diseases and infections.
Q2  You CANNOT get pregnant the first time you have sex.  TRUE or FALSE?   FALSE - A boy produces around 100 million sperm each time he ejaculates.  Preseminal fluid [or precum] can contain many sperm, only one of which is needed to fertilise the girl's egg, ie make her pregnant.  Other tales such as using Cola, standing up during sex, having a bath after sex, etc are also FALSE.

Q3  You CAN develop the HIV virus from oral sex.  TRUE or FALSE?   TRUE - Preseminal fluid or semen can seep from the boy's penis into his partners mouth during oral sex.  If his partner has a cut or sore in the mouth, then potentially infected sperm can enter the partner's blood stream.  A condom or a dental dam can reduce the risk of infection.
Q4 Smoking and drinking CAN affect your chances of having children.  TRUE or FALSE?   TRUE - Smoking can cause early narrowing of the arteries which can restrict the flow of blood to a boy's penis and testicles and a girl's reproductive system.  Drinking, particularly bingeing, can cause severe liver damage in both boys and girls and result in a reduced sperm count in a boy which may prevent him becoming a father in future. 

The contraceptive 'pill' or the 'morning after' pill WILL protect me from sexually transmitted diseases and infections.  TRUE or FALSE?   FALSE - The 'pill' can, at best, protect a girl against pregnancy but it is not 100% safe.  Other than abstinence, ie not engaging in sexual activity until you are in a mutually caring and loving relationship, a condom, again although not 100% safe, is the best form of contraception available today.
Q6  Most young people lose their virginity in their early teens.  TRUE or FALSE?   FALSE - The average age in the UK for first time sexual intercourse is 16.9 years for boys and 17.3 years for girls.
Q7  You CANNOT get pregnant if the boy doesn't ejaculate or orgasm.  TRUE or FALSE?   FALSE - Preseminal fluid or 'precum' can contain many 'active' sperm, only one of which is sufficient to make a girl pregnant.
Q8  You CAN be cured of all sexually transmitted diseases and infections.  TRUE or FALSE?   FALSE - There is no cure for herpes, genital warts and the HIV virus.  Whilst all three can be medically treated, they CANNOT be cured.  Once infected, you will carry these diseases FOR LIFE!
Q9  Masturbating too often can affect a boy's chances of fathering a child?  TRUE or FALSE?   FALSE - Males produce around 1,000 sperm per second - 3.5 million per hour - 24/7 - throughout their lives.  What IS important is a boy's 'sperm count', the number of 'active' sperm contained in his semen since only 'active' sperm produce pregnancies.  A male will NEVER run out of sperm although it is the quality - NOT the quantity - of sperm which he produces which is important for conception.