'WARTS AND ALL  .....!'

We offer an all-boys, all-girls or a mixed audience module -
you choose which is most appropriate for your students or young people
If time is available, we strongly suggest that all-boys
and all-girls modules are delivered to gender-separate audiences  



  • The purpose of the workshop - exploring the reasons why some young people engage in unprotected sexual activity  ....  and the consequences of doing so
  • An acknowledgement to certain cultures and ethnic backgrounds
  • Britain - triple 'champions' of Europe
  • A 'True or False' interactive workshop exploring - and exploding - some of the myths surrounding sexual activity
  • Chlamydia - the most widespread sexually transmitted infection amongst teenagers today - and how easily it is spread
  • The safest form of contraception available today  ....  What is it?
  • The moral framework  ....  Are you ready for a physical relationship?
  • The consequences of contracting a sexually transmitted disease - short and long term
  • [Optional] graphic presentation of sexually transmitted diseases and infections - each depicting young people under the age of 19
  • The 'legacy' of a sexually transmitted disease
  • HIV and AIDS  ....  The 'invisible' infection
  • 'The morning after the night before'  ....  YOU choose! 
  • Questions and Answers - questions are encouraged throughout the duration of the workshop
  • Running Time  :  A single period of approximately 50 minutes at a comfortable pace for your students although we can tailor workshops to suit the time slot available