Feedback from our user groups, both prison- and community-based, is invaluable, ensuring that our sessional material is kept fresh, relevant and up to date. At the close of our prison sessions, inmates complete a simple Evaluation Form with their comments and views on what they have seen and heard in the preceding 2 hours. We positively encourage criticism from our inmates as well as praise since it has only been by listening to their feedback that we have ensured that we keep up to date with trends in behaviour, in what concerns them, both inside and outside prison and what they WANT to hear about as opposed to what we THINK they want to hear about.

Below are a few comments from the many letters received from schools and inmates and which can be viewed on request at our offices.

From a Deputy Head - 'In 39 years of teaching, I have arranged, attended and, in some cases, endured numerous presentations on a wide range of subjects. Yours was, without question, the most powerful, imaginative and innovative workshop I have ever witnessed. Your ability to engage and communicate with young people is absolutely exceptional'.
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From an inmate - 'I only hope that all the young people you go around visiting see things the way I did today. Thanks for everything!' 
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From a Head of Year Group - 'I could not possibly recommend this presentation any higher. I intended to tell the presenter this myself at the end but could not get near him for a crowd of fascinated students'.  
From a PRU teacher - 'Very relevant to teenagers' lives and provides a harsh reality check for youngsters who think they are invincible to the dangers on the street'.  
From a school pupil - 'Excellent! Real facts and pictures no one can ignore. Blinding stuff, so real. Liked Ian - he spoke to us as adults.  
From an inmate - 'Ian had no uniform and didn't have keys. He was here to help young people and for that I listened to him and respected him'.  
From a PRU teacher - 'Every school in London should see your presentation. It is extraordinary!'
From a school pupil - 'Ian spoke to us like a mate - not like a teacher, policeman or parent - which is why we listened more'.  
From an inmate - 'I've been hit by it. Made me think of what I'm in here for and what I miss from outside and what my mum thinks of me'.  
From a group of school pupils - 'This was the best workshop we have ever had at our school. Friendly and funny but with a serious message'.  
From an all-girls school - 'We learned more in an hour than we have ever learned from any teacher.  Absolutely brilliant!'